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Here is a list of upcoming events related to the care, diagnosis, and treatment of movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease:

september, 2021

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Additional Events and Resources

The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation – offers a wealth of educational, health and wellness seminars across the country,  for neurology and healthcare professionals and patients.

The National Parkinson’s Foundation – hosts a series of informational and educational workshops for movement disorder and Parkinson’s patients, in different states, throughout the year.

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association – hosts a combination of charity events to raise funding for research, as well as public education seminars. They also provide resources to help communities and individuals create their own charity fund raising events.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – holds different charity events throughout the year, to raise money for Parkinson’s research.

The International Parkinson and Movement DisorderSociety hosts a series of educational workshops aimed at neurology specialists, physicians and patients, across the USA, Asia and Europe.

The Parkinson’s & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMDA) – a leading non-profit organization offering opportunities for people impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders to learn and live more fully through a broader connection and network of support from the communities around them.